a fun way of MASH…


apparently I’m going to marry Lizzy and spend our honeymoon at the velvet room… and we adopt koro-chan

The full cutscene

Ken Amada & Koromaru

this is what I call an “engineering fail”

Good Day Everyone! rikuxvkarol here

I’m here to explain why I am so late at posting all the challenge related stuff.

you see, there’s this thing called “broken connection”

It means that we don’t have a stable internet connection.

and that is because of our country’s ISPs

not just the one I’m using, but literally every ISP in our country is the same.

Incompetent and what not.

Imagine, I upload a 65kb image and yet it takes three hours to upload it.

and what’s worst is that it doesn’t even load fanfiction sites. like what am I supposed to do!

so that’s why, I’ve been putting off posting challenge related posts…

hope you’ll forgive me.

Worst dressed character

This is without a doubt…

Miyako/Yolei Inoue…

I mean look at how ridiculous she looks

Best Dressed Character

hmm… for best dressed… I’d go to 

Daisuke/Davis Motomiya IDK, the way he dresses looks cool to me and

and Zenjirou Tsurugi/Jeremy Tsurgi

A character you would not get along with

hmmm… I think I won’t get along with

Yamato/Matt Ishida at least 01 Matt


Kouji Minamoto

i mean both of them are lone wolfs… and I kind of don’t get along with people who push others away.


A character you’d be best friends with

hmmm… I think I’d be best friends with…


Izumi/Zoe Orimoto. I mean she’s interesting. Tho the circumstances that we becoming friends would be a little funny. We both get along because we always get left out in group meet ups.


Imagine Ken Amada from P4AU but wearing the same goddamed short-shorts like in P3.

he does! at least Shadow Ken’s victory pose


Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 is one of my favorite fictional characters, and I haven’t watched Alien Force in like three+ years and I haven’t finished Ultimate Alien or began Omniverse yet. I plan to, though, because my adoration for this series is an undying one.


I just want to talk about something about his character that often goes under the radar. His arrogance, self-confidence, and general cockiness aren’t traits that carried over from his childhood. The Omnitrix and the ability to do the world good gave him confidence as a kid, and when he was stripped of the Omnitrix, he began to lose that confidence too.

This is all noticeable right from episode one of Ben 10: Alien Force.

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good analysis

this is what I call an engineering fail